Wells fargo expresssend online

Wells fargo expresssend online

With wells fargo expresssend you can send money to 13 countries, with more than 50 remittance network members, and over 49,000 payout locations. Economical with expresssend you save with low transfer fees and competitive rates.

The wells fargo expresssend service is a person-to-person remittance (money transfer) service that offers you more options to send money home to your family or friends in mexico, dominican republic, el salvador, guatemala, honduras, nicaragua, colombia, ecuador, peru, china, india, philippines, and vietnam.

The maximum daily amount that you can send to all beneficiaries using multiple wells fargo expresssend service agreements is 5,000. The maximum total amount that you can send during any consecutive 30-day period using the wells fargo expresssend service is 12,500.

To enroll in the wells fargo expresssend service, call . In addition to the transfer fee, wells fargo makes money when it converts one currency to another currency for you. The exchange rate provided to you is set by wells fargo in its sole discretion, and it includes a markup over wells fargos cost of sourcing the relevant currency or currencies.

You can use the wells fargo expresssend service (the service) to send money to friends and family in select countries outside the united states from your eligible wells fargo consumer checking or savings account.

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Wells fargo expresssend online

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