Toefl to ielts conversion table

Toefl to ielts conversion table

  but according to the conversion chart above, 87 on the toefl converts into 6. 5 on the ielts which is a half-point lower than the required ielts score for ucla! Thus, it may be a little easier to meet the english requirements for ucla if you opt for the toefl over the ielts.

Ielts conversion total score nothing beats determining your composite ielts score with your toefl score handy. Below is a breakdown of how ranges on the toefl that could possibly correlate with a total ielts score. As you can see, the toefl has a total point range of 120, whereas, the ielts is 0-9.

Toefl ibt scores range from 0 to 30 for each section and 0 to 120 for the total test the total test score is the sum of the four sections. Ielts reports both section and total scores on a 9band scale in onehalf (0. 5) band increments the total test score is the average of the four sections.

The table below shows comparisons between various test scores and level systems (like toeic, toefl and ielts) and the vec level system. Use this table to compare your own score or vec level with the approximate equivalent score of another test.

Linking toefl ibt scores to ielts scores a research report identifies the toefl ibt score ranges for test takers meeting a particular score level on the equivalent ielts score band. The results for each section and for the total test showed that most students in the sample scored in the middle to mid-high score ranges on both tests.

  hi all, a friend gave me the following conversion table between toefl and ielts cbt pbt ielts 197 530 6.

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Toefl to ielts conversion table

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