The witcher 3 make triss stay

The witcher 3 make triss stay

Farewell triss makes her go to kovir but only for a while because she comes back to kaer mohren stay with me opens up 3 new dialogue options. Two of them do nothing, the other is the i love you one that is for romancing her.

The only way to get triss to stay with immediately after shes gotten all of the mages on the boat is to say you love her and start the romance with her. Otherwise she will always leave and then be called back by yen when things get ready for the battle at kaer morhen.

But she is not i made the following choices and kissed her during the masqurade what the hell are you talking about-- stay with me---lets try again outcome she does not stay. Stay out of other peoples lives---stay with me---lets try again outcome she does not stay.

  hi all! Im stuck at the now or never quest trying to get things right for making triss stay without fully committing. Allegedly if geralt chooses the option stay with me and then lets try again she is supposed to get on the boat and then surprise hum and dijkstra as they talk afterwards, just like she does if the i love you option is chosen.

  at this point, you can either bid her farewell or ask her to stay. If you say goodbye (you heartless person), triss will get on the ship and thatll be the end of that.

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The witcher 3 make triss stay

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