Smart martingale ea

Smart martingale ea

  the martingale smart ea trades with 2 strategies, if we lose a trade then the ea will change strategy and take a new trade with a multipliedincreased lot size, this martingale ea can work with all pairs and.

  ea is designed to trade with five (three - usdjpy) decimal places. Only 4 of 10 copies of this ea will be sold at the current price. Next price 399 no martingale, smart recovery, grid trading or averaging in this algorithm.

The martingale smart expert advisor for mt4 looks for trade entry once on every new candle. It does not use pending orders when sending trade requests to the trade server. If a trade opportunity exists, the robot executes a market order right away.

  the martingale smart ea trades with 2 strategies , if we lose a trade then the ea will change strategy and take a new trade with a multipliedincreased lot size, this martingale ea can work with all pairs and all timeframes.

This feature means each time you lose a trade it will double the size of your next order. If you lose the second consecutive trade, the following trade will double again. Once you reach a profitable trade, it will cover the previous losses plus a profit.

  hello dear friends! Martingale is always associated with danger and a drain of the deposit. The developers of the protrend adviser tried to combine incompatible things - meshing and reliability.

  the ea does not use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitration, etc. Most of the settings are already integrated into the ea code. All you need to do is to select the currency pair, adjust the wet (western european time) time zone in the ea parameters and to start trading.

Protrend ea russian trading robot- smart martingale in action. Martingale is always associated with danger and a drain of the deposit. The developers of the protrend adviser tried to combine incompatible things - meshing and reliability.

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Smart martingale ea

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