San antonio downtown parking meters

San antonio downtown parking meters

Parking in downtown san antonio just got easier! Pay stations have replaced several traditional parking meters. These 134 solar-powered parking pay stations service multiple parking spaces and reduce clutter on streets and sidewalks.

Po box 839966 san antonio, texas 78283 by phone parking division - phone 210.

When visiting downtown san antonio, parking in a lot or a garage might be the preferable option, because you can park for an extended period of time at a reasonably low price.

People dont realize it but between the city of san antonio and private companies there are nearly 10,000 available parking spaces in garages, on surface lots and at parking meters. Browse through our list of parking options and find the spot that is best for you. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at infosanantonioriverwalk.

All parking fees will vary based on location on-street at the meter or sapark (2 hours 1.).

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San antonio downtown parking meters

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San antonio downtown parking meters

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