Ross mullins forex

Ross mullins forex

Click here to join ross today in his trade room check out todays free forex analysis video provided by ross mullins. Transcript of video from forex traders daily, this is your daily analysis with ross mullins, live from richmond, virginia.

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Ross mullins got involved with the forex in late 2002 as a mentor intern with a prominent forex mentoring company. After spending over 136 hours of training through the intern program he became the first full time in house mentor for the firm.

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  okay, for those of you that dont know of ross mullins, he is the head trader at forex traders daily. His big claim on his website is that he can win up to 50 trades in a row. Or, to be a bit more accurate, he at least claims to at once upon a time to have won 50 trades in a row.

Ross mullins of forex traders daily sells a product called the prodigy program. After countless of hours scouring the web to find something meaningful about him, i was able to find zero evidence of profitable trading.

The smart money always leaves the necessary evidence for us to see where key decisions were taken. It is wise to follow their footsteps and avoid challenging the trend unless you measure your risk in the counter trade.

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Ross mullins forex

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