Quadency trading bot rsi set up

Quadency trading bot rsi set up

Quadency currently offers 12 different pre-built and fully configurable trading bot options.

Buy conditions price is below rsi level 1 - buy level 1 amount or.

  in this video i will show you how to set up a free quadency automated cryptocurrency trading bot strategy on the kucoin exchange.

  this quadency bot is another simple rsi based strategy which buys a coin if the price is below the oversold rsi level, and sells when the price is above the overbought level. This quadency bot looks to long an asset when it dips below defined rsi levels, dollar cost averaging by buying more if the price drops further.

  quadency is a multi-exchange crypto trading and automation platform. It supports top exchanges binance, kucoin, okex, kraken or liquid. The platform is great to use for both beginners and professionals.

  i started developing this strategy as a way to plug in and test values before defining them in the bots on 3commas, coinrule, and quadency. None of those bots performed the same way my script did and i kept working on it until the strategy finally yielded the same simulated results when paired with the tradingview bot on quadency. I looked at all the different rsi strategies already published.

  how to setup a quadency bitcoin crypto day trading platform with the coinbase pro exchange.

Quadency allows you to use 3 additional scenarios recreate the grid, cancel all orders, and close all positions. To make the experiment fair, i will pick up the last option so we will not do anything if the bot leaves the grid. For the first bot to launch i am going to use my favorite trading pair powrbtc.

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Quadency trading bot rsi set up

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Quadency trading bot rsi set up

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