Pny gtx 1070 ti mining

Pny gtx 1070 ti mining

Best ethash hashrate settings for pny geforce gtx 1070 8gb mining gpu tdp 70 core 0 memory 615 fan speed 60 temp.

  nvidia gtx 1070 was announced in june 2016 at the price of 379.

  the gtx 1070 ti is also capable of filtering 152 texels per clock. Nvidia has set a base clock of 1607 mhz for the gtx 1070, a value which matches the 1080s. 1070 ti has a boost clock of 1683 mhz which matches the boost clock frequency of the gtx 1070.

Pny geforce gtx 1070 ti graphics card (vcggtx1070t8pb-cg) video card.

  3 check here to know most profitable coin to mine with nvidia gtx 1080 ti. 1 mining overclock settings for nvidia cards 5 mining overclock setting for nvidia gtx 1080 ti.

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Pny gtx 1070 ti mining

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