No man's sky manufacturing facility puzzle answers

No man's sky manufacturing facility puzzle answers

8 loot 3 additional information 4 release history 5 references this page aims to catalogue the various puzzles offered to the player in manufacturing facilitiesoperations centres.

1 summary 2 puzzles 3 additional information 4 notes 5 release history 6 gallery 7 references manufacturing facilities are random discoverable planetary locations. Generally, each facility is locked by a reinforced steel door that the player will have to break through, which will alarm sentinels when attempted.

  in this guide, it will contain a comprehensive list of puzzle answers and more. This is my version of the no mans sky codes and puzzle guide. Including the following puzzle types ruinsmonoliths, operation centers, manufacturing facilitys, observatories, tranmssion towers, and maybe ship puzzles and npc interaction puzzles in the future.

The best thing to do is a manual save first thing, that way if you cant figure out the correct answer you can just reload and try again. People have also put guides out that list all the correct respones.

Edit3 added puzzle order tab with the order of all the puzzles for operation centers and manufacturing facilities, it is in the order they are defined in the files. Edit4 completed the list of rewards for all puzzles finally. Should i add the text that is displayed on the bottom left corner that usually give you some hint? Edit5 updated for 1.

How do i answer the manufacturing facility questions correctly? Close. The trick is knowing lots of words in the local alien language so you can get a better idea of which answer to choose. The unofficial subreddit for the discussion of no mans sky, a fantasy science-fiction game set in an.

To solve the puzzle, select the answer where 6 appears in the third position.

  if you are looking for how to find manufacturing facilities in no mans sky after the beyond update then check this out.

  an operations centre is a point of interest found on planets. 1 summary 2 structure 3 puzzles 4 references operations centres are planetary locations with locked steel doors. 37, operation centres give the same rewards as manufacturing facilities, but they have a higher chance to reward technology blueprints.

  manufacturing facilities are one of the types of planetary points of interest in no mans sky.

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No man's sky manufacturing facility puzzle answers

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