Nintendo switch micro sd card reddit

Nintendo switch micro sd card reddit

Nintendo-branded sandisk microsdxc cards for nintendo switch. Though these cards are officially branded by nintendo, buying these over a regular microsd card entails no advantage in pricing, features, security, or support, and you do not have to buy these over a regular microsd card, such as the ones weve recommended.

Theyre more expensive appear to made of a slightly harder plastic dont come with an adapter. The one without the nintendo switch brand on the package is 49.

You probably wont need a (large) sd-card at launch unless you plan on going all-digital from the start.

Although my switch is out of warranty, she said that the switch will be taken care of by nintendo. I asked if it was a known issue, and she replied that should never happen whether the card is faulty or not and therefore will be taken care of whether or not the switch was still under the limited warranty.

I want to get a new sd card with more space on it for my switch, but i notice that several of my digitally downloaded games (like loz breath of the wild and dragon ball xenoverse 2) have the main software downloaded to the switch but dlc and update data downloaded to my current sd card.

  the switch supported micro sd cards up to 32gb at launch, but a software update soon thereafter pushed this limit all the way to 2tb.

  the best micro sd cards for nintendo switch well, theres a problem emerging the internal storage of switch is not enough for storing new games. Sometimes, people are reluctant to delete the games they are playing from nintendo switch, so they have no way but to give up on the attracting new games.

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Nintendo switch micro sd card reddit

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