Mt4 array sort is not working

Mt4 array sort is not working

  so a sort will send your positives to one end of the array and negatives to the opposite end, leaving the middle of the array empty(with zeros). Even if you limit the amount of elements to sort , to include only your input data, it still splits the positivenegative data up to both ends of the array spectrum.

It can be any of the following values modeascend sort in ascend direction, modedescend sort in descend direction.

  this corresponds with the ascending order of the sorted pips2. Sort pips2 with descend, and add the extra parameters to arraybsearch like this wholearray,19,descend, in theory it must work as well, but for some reason, it doesnt.

It will create an array, loop through all the orders in the history tab, check if the magicnumber of the order exists in the array.

It copies a timeseries array to the user-defined array and returns the number of copied elements. Arraydimension it returns rank of a multy-dimensional array. Arraygetasseries it returns true if the array is arranged as a timeseries (elements of the array are indexed from the last element to the first one), otherwise returns false.

When declaring a dynamic array (an array of unspecified value in the first pair of square brackets), the compiler automatically creates a variable of the above structure (a dynamic array object) and provides a code for the correct initialization.

I think, these functions mathmin and mathmax are not working with arrays. For finding min or max value from array use these functions httpsdocs.

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Mt4 array sort is not working

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