Lonsdale quay brewery

Lonsdale quay brewery

Located inside lonsdale quay market in north vancouver, green leaf brewing co. Has been committed to great craft beer, kombucha, ginger ale and sustainability since 2013. Green leaf brewing company is about top-quality innovative beers, kombucha, and ginger ale using our custom designed and built micro brewery system.

Our philosophy at green leaf brewing company is to place quality and sustainability at the forefront of all of the craft beverages we create.

  green leaf brewing is located within north vancouvers lonsdale quay market a moments walk away from the seabus and translink bus exchange.

  located right on the waterfront plaza of lonsdale quay market, this incredible brewery is a must-go-to place on the north shore! With the explosion of the craft beer market, martin and amir the amazing duo behind green leaf felt inspired to bring a brewery like this to the north shore, thus making green leaf one of the first craft breweries in north vancouver.

  green leaf brewing north vancouver at lonsdale quay market the interior of the micro brewery has a long bar area with stools for sitting on, plus a variety of high top tables and benches near the front windows, outside there is a patio area for about 25 people.

Craft beer micro brewery places near lonsdale quay if you love beer and patio vibes for summer then you have come to the right article. It wasnt long ago that when you went to the liquor store or your local pub they had mostly domestic beers and 1 or 2 craft beers, nowadays the majority of establishments have about 50 domestic and 50 craft beers.

  green leaf brewing company is set to open its north vancouver based brewery soon in the lonsdale quay area. Some 18 months ago as red truck announced its upcoming move off of the north shore the locals only saving grace was the arrival of bridge brewing. 12 months later the deep cove brewers and distillers opened their doors.

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Lonsdale quay brewery

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Lonsdale quay brewery

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