Lbc balikbayan box size and price uae

Lbc balikbayan box size and price uae

Ship your balikbayan box and cargo to the philippines starting 45,-.

  the size of the box would also determine the delivery rate.

  flomic balikbayan cargo is a division of flomic freight & logistics llc. Balikbayan boxes come in many sizes, and most companies use established common sizes for convenience. Box size is 17 x 18 x 28 it takes 8 to 10 weeks for delivery to all locations throughout the philippines.

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Send balikbayan box from united arab emirates (uae) updated on september 3, 2018 by box for pinas. Dti-fteb (fair trade enforcement bureau) accredited freight forwarders in united arab emirates (uae) abu dhabi. Address opposite main etisalat, near kuwaiti ra, al musalla, p.

Find out how much it costs to send out your package with lbc. Visit this page to view our rates for both national and international shipping services. Due to pandemic-related restrictions, this is our new delivery lead-time.

Makati express cargo boxes are the largest in size and its quality of carton box thickness 7x with 7ply thickness, designed for heavy duty when compared to other balikbayan boxes in any market.

  any form of liquid such as toiletries (lotion, toothpaste, cream, shampoo) are acceptable within a maximum of 3 pieces as long as they are properly packed. Fancy accessories and watches for kids, foods such as chocolates, chips, spreads are also acceptable.

Tipid box regular jumbo 20x17x10 23x17x20 24x18x24 manila 40 55 70 luzon 45 60 75 visayas 65 80 mindanao 70 85.

Ship your balikbayan box and cargo to the philippines starting 45,-.

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Lbc balikbayan box size and price uae

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Lbc balikbayan box size and price uae

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