How to process a trade on espn fantasy football

How to process a trade on espn fantasy football

Navigate to your teams home page tap on the clock next to your team name tap on trade proposals accept or decline the trade from this screen.

  this means that for a trade to process in time for the upcoming weeks matchup, it must be accepted two days prior to the first game of the week, before noon et.

  once you find a player (or multiple players on one managers team) youd like to acquire, click the blue double-arrow button under action.

  trades are an agreement between two team owners to exchange one or more players.

There is a 48-hour trade review period after a trade is accepted, allowing team managers the chance to review a trade after its accepted.

Once a trade is accepted, an email will be sent to every team manager in the league with detailed instructions on how to cast a vote.

Click on transactions and keepers then the edit button next to trade rules. No trade deadline - trades are allowed for the duration of the nfl season. Weeks 7-17 - if selected, trades will no longer be accepted or proposed after the specified date.

However, if someone in the trade is playing before that 48 hr period the entire trade can be bumped to after the weekend. Email talk to you comish and get them to either push it through andor shorten the league veto period.

On desktop, use the lm tools tab or just go to your league homepage and find the trade there to review.

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How to process a trade on espn fantasy football

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