Cross margin example

Cross margin example

Consider a trader has a position worth 100 xbt at a price of 100 usd. The trader sets their margin method to isolated margin and posts 4 xbt worth of initial margin, and their liquidation price is set to 97 usd.

Under the cross margin mode, a position reserves initial margin per the minimum initial margin requirement. For example, the btcusd contract usually reserves only 1 initial margin upon position entry.

  cross margin example another example shows why cross margin is the best choice for traders. If a trader has 1,000 in funds available in their primexbt trading account.

If a client has multiple trading accounts that are margin accounts, it is better to margin them via cross margining as opposed to isolated margining.

For example, a 50x position will be liquidated after a 2 move against you. When using isolated margin, you are able to adjust your leverage on the fly via the leverage slider.

  gross margin is the unit margin expressed as a percentage of price. For example, a table that is sold for 700 that cost 550 to construct, sell and deliver has the following gross margin.

  for example, if you have a position of 10btc, the leverage is 100x, at cross margin mode, the initial margin 101000. 1btc, when the market goes down, your available balance will be used to maintain the position to avoid the liquidation. On duedex, cross margin mode is the initial default setup for all positions.

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Cross margin example

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