Creating your own betfair trading bot

Creating your own betfair trading bot

  using the spreadsheet functionality and the guardian tool you can automatically trade markets without being.

To create some automated betting or trading you initially need to decide exactly what you want to achieve. You would then give bet angel a series of rules to follow to automate what you want to do. The creation of a rule is a fairly simple process provided you apply basic logic to it.

As you may already know, betfair has its own api to allow you to integrate your program into the exchange. Many of our most successful clients bet exclusively through this by placing automated bets using custom software.

  bf bot manager v3 is a more advanced and highly flexible product aimed at those with some experience in trading on betfair (or other betting exchanges ). It allows traders to create their own strategies by combining different rules and conditions. In my opinion, v3 is the best value product offered by bf bot manager.

Again, if you need help with the language and tech specifics, try to find a friend that can help. Hopefully you can attract a freelancer who has worked on similar projects.

In addition to trading via betfairs website, betfair also permits access to its servers via an api. Access to betfairs api is free of charge but there are limits to the amount of data you can download at any one time.

Discussion regarding the spreadsheet functionality of bet angel.

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Creating your own betfair trading bot

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