Course guide lse

Course guide lse

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Lse has a range of tools to help you find the courses that your programme regulations allow you to take. Visit finding courses for more information about these tools. Remember that, depending on your programme, it may advisable to have a few back-up courses in mind in case any of your preferred courses are already full.

Course finder is a tool that allows you to browse courses by unit value, keyword, department, and assessment type. You can build a shortlist of courses and compare the lecture timetables for that shortlist. Course finder will be available from 10am on 01 september 2020. It can only be accessed once you have activated your lse it account.

B fm212 and fm213 course choice depends on mathematics and statistics courses taken by students in their first year.

A list of all taught masters courses in this department are listed on lses course guide webpages. Guidance on how to apply to individual controlled access courses can also be found on lse for you. European institute (eu courses) this information is for the 201920 academic year.

Please note that for most purposes, the grid and collapsed topics formats are to be preferred, because they allow for a compact display that helps students find what they need.

To view available courses at lse, visit the lse online course catalog. All other departments at lse require students to take at least one course in their homestudents can view average course evaluation results based on their feedback in the enhanced course guides.

  you will not be able to distribute these links to your students by email, or on a web page outside of moodle. Using the method above ensures that your students are correctly enrolled in your echo360 sections. If you want to make recordings from other courses available to students on your moodle course see our guide.

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Course guide lse

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