Colonial first state class action slater and gordon

Colonial first state class action slater and gordon

Slater and gordon has now launched five class actions as part of our get your super back campaign. We have class actions against amp, bt and anz onepath, and two against colonial first state. We plan to launch more class actions against big bank-owned super funds that we allege have rorted the system to boost their own profits instead of looking after their members.

  we have now launched the fourth class action in our get your super back campaign, and our second against colonial first state. This class action alleges that colonial first state charged members excessive fees to fund ongoing commissions to financial advisers. This case is the latest in our wave of class actions against bank-run superannuation funds.

  slater & gordons class action is on behalf of 500,000 australians who were allegedly charged excessive superannuation fees to fund ongoing commissions paid by colonial first state to financial advisers. This is the fourth class action launched as part of the law firms get your super back campaign, and the second against colonial first state.

  slater and gordon files second class action against colonial first state. Slater and gordon has today filed a class action on behalf of 500,000 australians who were charged excessive superannuation fees to fund ongoing commissions paid by colonial first state to financial advisers. This is the fourth class action launched as part of slater and.

  massive class action filed against commonwealth bank and colonial first state, as slater and gordons get your super back campaign clicks into gear.

  on , slater and gordon filed class action proceedings in the federal court of australia against colonial first state investments limited (cfsil).

Slater and gordon and maurice blackburn last week filed class action lawsuits against colonial first state. The slater and gordon-led action, filed on behalf of 500,000 australians, alleges that victims were charged excessive superannuation fees, which were used by colonial to pay commissions to financial advisers.

  slater and gordon today filed a class action on behalf of 500,000 australians who were charged excessive superannuation fees to fund ongoing commissions paid by colonial first state to financial advisers.

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Colonial first state class action slater and gordon

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