Capitec bank investment plan

Capitec bank investment plan

You choose how long you want to invest (6 60 months) deposit a single amount up to a maximum of r20 million to invest over the term you choose minimum deposit amount of r10 000 earn up to 7.

You choose how long you want to invest (from 6 60 months) you deposit a single amount (maximum r20 million) to invest over the term you choose earn from 6 9.

  take advantage of the investment plan from capitec where your investments are tax-free. True, although there are terms and conditions which are in compliance with sars terms. With the tax-free investment account , you can save up to r33 000 per tax year , as a single deposit ( lump sum ) or in multiple deposits, its up to you.

Savings plans a transactionsavings account from capitec bank offers you access to 4 extra savings plans. Youll earn competitive interest on daily balances and be able to transact easily with lower, transparent bank costs.

The investment rates at capitec bank are very good and you can choose between various products, including the global one account that offers you great savings of up to 9. You can also invest in a fixed term deposit, that will earn you up to 9. If you want the option to access your money after a specific.

Capitec bank is an authorised financial services provider (fsp 46669) and registered credit provider (ncrcp13).

However, interest in investment will be determined by the level of investment that one invests. Therefore, capitec bank has 4 investment brackets for the 13 18 months multiple investment account.

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Capitec bank investment plan

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Capitec bank investment plan

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