Buying dinars good investment

Buying dinars good investment

  in simple terms, its conducted in the same fashion as any currency investment.

  the oklahoma securities commission warns that high-pressure sales tactics are being used to flog iraqi dinars, including claims that buying dinars is a time-sensitive investment.

  theyre also pieces of the economy thats supposed to profit enough to make the iraqi dinar a good investment. Reports that iraqi refugees who returned home arent happy about it. Theyve got some decent points to make, these forex hype artists iraqs central bank recently cut the dinar loose from its peg of 1170 to the u.

  the main argument for buying the dinar, of course, is that iraq has vast oil and natural gas reserves at a time when energy prices are climbing.

  keep in mind that this is a high-risk investment and there are no guarantees. However, it could be interesting to purchase about 250,000 dinars, for a total out-of-pocket expense of 300. As a general rule of thumb, dont invest more than you are willing to lose.

Each iraqi dinar note, if it is genuine, should have unique serial numbers. Below is a list of the numbers and their equivalent in european numbers. If you see the same serial numbers on two bills, chances are one or both are fake iraqi dinar notes.

  investment in dinars is often illustrated with references to the kuwaiti dinar following the first gulf war. Scammers also use the german deutschmark following world war 2 as a comparison. These would be good examples except that neither one was a free-floating currency at the time.

Dear friend, buying iraqi dinar for a investment purpose and for expected returns of 2-3 over five years is not a good idea. Secodnly the country is in middle east which is plaged with so many political problems which can cause the currency to lose value or cause obstacles in gaining the value.

Of a is buying dinar a good investment of iraq dinars, is investing in dinar a good investment! She antiquateed. Ingest not the dispose of e-med, if you dinar a good investment your life.

Buying iraqi dinar for a investment purpose and for expected returns of 2-3 over five years is not a good idea. Secondly the country is in middle east which is plagued with so many political problems which can cause the currency to lose value or cause obstacles in gaining the value.

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Buying dinars good investment

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