Best non character breakfast at disney world

Best non character breakfast at disney world

  when it comes to breakfast at walt disney world, theres many options to choose from. Although character buffets are popularand for good reasonthere are also some wonderful options for non-character restaurants. Boma at animal kingdom lodge jambo house has something for everyone, especially at breakfast.

  not only is donalds dining safari at tusker house the only disney character breakfast at animal kingdom, it is also is one of the best animal kingdom restaurants.

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Some people say that breakfast of kona café is one of the best meals that they ever had at disney. A favorite of many loyal fans is the tonga toast, which is sourdough french toast stuffed with bananas and rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

The grand floridian cafe is home to the best eggs benedict in disney worldand a host of other great breakfast options as well. Enjoy the formal victorian atmosphere of the grand floridian resort and start your day with a flavorful and exotic breakfast.

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Best non character breakfast at disney world

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