Axis bank debit card expiry date

Axis bank debit card expiry date

When you use your card for purchases, ensure it is swiped in your presence and not swiped on multiple devices. Ensure that your card number, card-expiry date and the three-digit security code on the back of the card (popularly known as cvv number) are not captured in writing anywhere.

Choose option 1 (for information on your banking account) followed by option 4 (for debit card related services), post this select generate pin option. Please chose option to generate your activation passcode, please dial 1. Post this, you will need to enter your card number, expiry date and dob when prompted.

In a world going cashless, debit cards are your best friends! Free yourself from carrying around rolls of cash everywhere you go. Withdraw cash from your account as and when you require it with axis bank debit cards and receive exclusive benefits, from free movie tickets to restaurant discounts.

Validate card number, expiry date and account number set debit card pin enter activation code axis bank atm enter registered mobile no. Insert debit card pin change option enter pass code enter new pin generate a pin to activate your debit card get started with net banking visit www.

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  when does a debit card expire? Debit cards typically expire within 2 to 5 years of their issue date, and are good through last day of the expiration month printed on the front of the card. For instance, if your debit cards expiration date reads 0823, then it will expire at the end of the day on august 31, 2023.

  the due date of axis bank credit card payment is 20 days from the date of generating your credit card bill statement. On or before the 20th day you need to pay your credit card dues.

Normally the date will be written with the month and date such as 0321. Taking the above example into account, this would mean your card will.

  it will usually be set out as four figures with a forward slash in the middle in the format 0420, which stands for the month and year, e. If a debit card is presented after the expiration date, it will not be processed and in most cases will not be accepted.

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Axis bank debit card expiry date

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