Associated rival vs mt4 g3

Associated rival vs mt4 g3

  the ae rival and tt mt4-g3 are great trucks, both of which ive had the opportunity to drive several times. Theyre both comparable price-wise (530 for the rival, 585 for the mt4-g3) so its really up to the features and durability youll want to know about.

  question wanted thunder tiger mt4 g3 or highly upgraded team associated rival off-road cars.

  the team associated rival uses the same wheel (17mm hex) part 25767. Note of warning the emta wheel will not work it looks the same as the mt4 and rival at a glance but has a 23mm size hex.

Plus the best nitro, always kept its tune and ran like a champ. But i drive the summit everywhere and spend more time with it lol.

  with that said, there is a war at the top of the heap between the thunder tiger mt-4 g3, traxxas e-revo, associated rival mt, hpi savage flux, and thunder tiger emta. Weve been working on getting this shootout going, its really the bestonly way to see which one truly is the best.

  thunder tiger mt4-g3 & arrma outcast 6s comparison - duration 1408.

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Associated rival vs mt4 g3

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