1 day visitor passport san francisco

1 day visitor passport san francisco

Whether youre here for a day or for several weeks, sfmta makes it simple for visitors to get around the city with ease. A visitor passport can be purchased at ticket kiosks, on clipper and sales locations for 1, 3, or 7 consecutive days of unlimited rides on muni, muni metro, historic streetcars, and cable cars.

Muni tickets can be redeemed at san francisco travels visitor information center, located at 749 howard street (moscone center). Customer will present a valid day or flex pass in exchange for a 1-day muni passport.

Answer 1 of 7 how easy is it to use public transportation? I was considering a 1 day pass. Does this allow me on all transportation? Buses too or just street and cable cars? How busy do they get? Would it be so busy we would just be waiting to get on all the.

  whether youre here for a day or for several weeks, sfmta makes it simple for visitors to get around the city with ease.

This sightseeing san francisco bus tour allows you to hop on and off over 15 stops around the city. Take the hop-on hop-off big bus 1-day classic tour with your go san francisco pass.

00 unlimited rides on muni, muni metro, historic streetcars, and cable cars.

  you can begin your request in minutes on our easy-to-use website, and have your passport processed as quickly as 1 business day. You may opt to pick up your completed passport in person at our san francisco passport office near the embarcadero, or have it shipped to your home or office via overnight delivery.

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1 day visitor passport san francisco

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