Cib quick reload

cib quick reload

All changes take effect immediately, so there is no need to perform a reload-like operation. The simplest way of using cibadmin is to use it to save the current configuration to a temporary file, edit that file with your favorite text or xml editor, and then upload the revised configuration.

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Crmsh crm resource param clusterip set clusteriphashsourceip pcs pcs resource update clusterip clusteriphashsourceip. Crmsh also has an edit command which edits the simplified cib syntax (same commands as the command line) via a configurable text editor.

The cib uses xml to represent both the clusters configuration and current state of all resources in the cluster. The contents of the cib are automatically kept in sync across the entire cluster and are used by the pengine to compute the ideal state of the cluster and how it should be achieved.

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cib quick reload

Customer service leaves a lot to desire (although it’s somewhat subjective depending on users’ individual experience). 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Despite the solid security model of Unix / Linux / Mac, if you manage to get infected with a key logger (typically you get infected through email or websites) NO schemes for password security will help, since the key logger will capture any passwords you use when you type them in. I have been looking for reliable keylogger detector software for all 3 platforms I use (Windows, Mac & Linux) for the last 2 years and still have not found solutions for all 3 platforms yet. I haven't looked at 1Password, I'm sure it's good if Luke endorses it, and there are many others to choose from. I myself use an encrypted USB stick. If my password to unlock the encryption of the USB key is captured by a keylogger, the attacker couldn't use that info if the usb key is not plugged in, and I don't leave it plugged in very long. It's not a perfect system. If I fail to detect a keylogger, over time it would capture any passwords I used from the encrypted usb stick. Response to Luke's comment below (6 level depth restriction): Yes, I DO have 2 copies of the usb. A weakness of that is they are not always in sync with each other. Password managers like 1Password etc are very good, and I recommend you keep a backup in multiple locations. A cloud location is one solution, I prefer local myself, and although the chances of cracking a password vault left in a public location (dropbox, cloud storage etc) is extremely unlikely, I prefer to keep such sensitive data under my personal control / possession and thus eliminate any chances the vault can be accessed by anyone but me. Many may not want to sacrifice the convenience of keeping such data available anywhere, I'm not one of them. Interesting that you didn't say anything regarding keyloggers. Downvo Continue reading >>I am not going to talk much about the XRP wallets as we have discussed it in the past. However, here is the link to the article on XRP wallets for you to read.$4,400 capital loss × 50% = $2,200 allowable capital loss.

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